ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Quaid Nawaz Sharif Tuesday decided to step up the mass-contact campaign and forcefully take the narrative of sanctity of vote and establishment of Nizam-i-Adl (justice system) to their electorates.

Sources aware of the deliberations of the meeting held here at Punjab House following the appearance of Nawaz Sharif in the Accountability Court Islamabad the recent defection of party parliamentarians also came under review.

To pre-empt further defections from the party especially in central and upper Punjab districts it was decided that the party leadership would approach the Parliamentarians and redress their grievances and persuade them to stay part of the party.

The sources informed that a list of Parliamentarians expected to leave the party in coming days was also prepared and a team of senior party leaders was formed to look for their replacement from their respective constituencies so that at the time of elections the party would not face any difficulty in finding alternate candidates.

The sources further said that a detailed programme of Nawaz Sharif’s addresses to public rallies in central and south Punjab districts was also finalised and it was decided that in coming weeks the party would be put in complete elections mode, so that the narrative of restoring sanctity of vote could be effectively taken to every nook and corner of the country. It was also decided that the party’s reorganisation and formation of Elections Board to award party tickets would be finalised by the end of this month.