LAHORE - UK-based Pakistani professional athlete and fitness trainer Rahat Ali Shah has said that he needs Pakistan government’s support and patronage to train Pakistani youth for international fitness events.

In an interview with The Nation, Rahat said that he is registered with United Kingdom Bodybuilding Fitness Federation (UKBFF) and has achieved a lot of feats internationally. “My top priority is to transform talented Pakistani youth into champions and save them from choosing wrong way to use this sports/fitness. I want to educate them what they need to do in fitness and how to stay on track with right diet and training plans.”

“I would like to advise them that please choose the goal and find out what exactly you want. For me, research is the main key how and where to start in right way for fitness life style. I want to save all my Pakistani brothers not to choose shortcuts in fitness,” he added.

The professional fitness trainer said that he is always ready to help every Pakistani, who wants any fitness tips and guidance from him. “For guidance, any person can contact me via my instagram page (Rahat Shah). If Pakistan government supports me, then I will give diet and training plan for people. There is no need of personal trainer as I train myself. Yes, I've done nutrition course. I can train them in different level of training method, which will help the country get quality fitness athletes, who can excel at international level and earn laurels for the country globally,” he added.

Highlighting his achievements at international level, Rahat said that he has won top positions in various international events including Aesthetic Bodybuilding Federation 2017 and Azadi Classic in masters men’s physique category. “Besides other feats, my recent achievement is winning the UKBFF Show called Sugar Classic 2017, which helped me qualify for the Arnold Classic IFBB 2018 master men’s physique category. It is a great honour not only for me but also for my beloved country Pakistan.

“Now I will represent Pakistan in such a big international event for which I have been working really hard. I have recently been in Pakistan and my diet and training is going on well. As it is a very tough and big competition, where athletes from all over the world will exhibit their prowess, I need my financial support from country. I am keen to do well in the mega event and try my best to win glory for it,” he added.

“I also want have a fitness club either in Pakistan. If Pakistan government helps me in opening a fitness club, I will transform all my knowledge and vast experience into youth and train and guide them well so that they may prepare well how to use this sport/fitness in a right way and how to become top fitness athlete and serve the country by winning glories for it,” Rahat concluded.