KARACHI-With the success of its past editions, in New Delhi, Lahore and Karachi, the multi-dimensional platform Shaan-e-Pakistan, led by the powerhouse Huma Nassr of Braahtii, is set to commence from 1-4th May with its upcoming production SEPHUBxSOPRITTI.

Shaan-e-Pakistan is not just a platform, it is a campaign and movement to drive the culture and celebrate Pakistan by amalgamating through fashion, music and art not just in Pakistan but also on the international stage as well.

Shaan-e-Pakistan aims to provide talented artists, musicians, fashion designers and crafters with a platform that will allow them to receive the recognition they deserve.

This year, Shaan-e-Pakistan will be collaborating with a private collaborative space in order to put up a collaborative four-day activity hub for fashion, music, art which will be Pakistan’s first activated event/content to be produced and telecast as “Digital First”.

The director/producer of Shaan-e-Pakistan, Huma Nassr said, “I constantly aim to innovate and introduce out-of-the-box ideas to help propel the show to success. I built Shaan-e-Pakistan to form collaboration and showcase the talent of Pakistan with at an international destination. I advocate love and peace through a mutual love of art. This show is also about depicting a positive image of Pakistan. When our international guests come to Pakistan, we do our best to show them that we are Shaan of Pakistan! I am thankful for the support we have received in past for this movement and campaign especially from our brand partners.”