Pakistani diplomats cannot move freely in the US without seeking permission from relevant authorities in the State Department, a senior official of Trump administration confirmed the news.  

Under Secretary of State for political Affairs, Thomas Shannon, told Voice of America’s Uzbek service during an interview that the restriction is response to the ban on US diplomats in Pakistan.

Shannon regarded such steps as routine matters. Earlier, in April, US diplomats in Pakistan were told by authorities in Pakistan to seek permission before their travelling.

Although, US embassy and Foreign Office in Islamabad denied such reports. But, recently Trump administration contacted government of Pakistan to ease the restrictions on diplomats; otherwise, Pakistani diplomats will have to face same limitations in US.  

Pakistani officials said that the restrictions will not affect the investigations regarding the fatal road accident last week when a Pakistani citizen was killed by a US diplomat.

The official told that the diplomatic staff would need permission at least five days before travelling outside the radius of imposed 25 miles. The new restrictions could take effect from May 1.