ISLAMABAD   -   Things took nasty turn in the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) 53rd Board of Governors (BoG) meeting first time held in Quetta on Wednesday.

The reliable sources present during the meeting informed The Nation that the governing board members, who boycotted the meeting, didn’t know the side-effects and heavy price the country and cricket had to pay. “The BoG had to give approval for the expenditures of 2018-2019 budget, which had to be presented to International Cricket Council (ICC) in a day or two, as the ICC owe PCB a whopping $5.5 million.

“If the PCB doesn’t submit audit report to the ICC, they will not only withhold the amount, but also it will baldy hurt ongoing projects of the PCB and Pakistan cricket team’s future plans,” the sources said.

The sources further confirmed that the governing board members are pushing the PCB for ad-hoc, which would be highly disastrous, as it had highly negative implications. “According to the ICC law, ad-hoc appointment in wany cricket board, which is affiliated with ICC, means government interference in the board’s affairs, which according to ICC constitution is illegal act.

“It means that the elected representatives are barred from performing their official duties, which will result in ICC’s suspension on Pakistan’s membership with immediate effect. They will not only stop huge payment they owe to the PCB, but also bar the country from attending the ICC meetings, just like they did to Sri Lankan Cricket Board. It means the PCB will be out of decision making-policy of the ICC and also all the revenues will be stopped,” they added.

The sources said that it is a highly dangerous and complicated situation and the governing board members must have to realise the significance and aftermaths of delaying the things. “It is about Pakistan and cricket and nothing to do with personal issues. The government’s involvement will invite the ICC wrath and Pakistan cricket under present circumstances can’t afford the loss of such a huge amount of revenues owed by the ICC,” the sources concluded.