This tragic accident is unfortunate. There have been numerous air accidents so far with many remaining mysterious to date. The air safety measures must be undertaken seriously; otherwise, the aviation sector will have to face severe consequences. The joy of flying in the sky is always astounding and mind-blowing.

For myself, I fondly remember the beautiful days of flight trips between my native town of Tuticorin, Chennai and Mumbai. More interestingly, I being a big stargazer often look at the beautiful sky in my local areas such as Tuticorin, Tirunelveli, and Kanyakumari during which I am bubbling with child-like enthusiasm.

The countries from across the world including the Asian region, in particular, have been prone to flight accidents so far. Against these serious contexts, the countries should switch to cutting-edge technology and other technological advantages available in order to ensure the overall safe air travel.


India, April 1.