KARACHI-The Sindh government on Wednesday announced bearing all expenses of medical treatment of a baby girl who got paralyzed while being treated at Darul Sehat Hospital here.

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah went to a local hospital where he visited Nishwa who has been struggling for life due to negligence of the doctors of a private hospital. He met with the doctor of Nishwa and told him to make all out efforts to save the life of innocent girl. Shah also told the doctors and father of the baby, Qaiser Ali that his government would bear all medical treatment expenditures whether it is being done here in Pakistan or abroad. “Just I want to save life the girl,” he declared.

Mr Shah told the media that Qaiser Ali had raised his grievances against the quackery and unprofessional doctors, playing with lives of innocent peoples.

“We have enacted the law of Health Care Commission and would further improve it by removing the shortcomings so that appropriate action could be taken against such private health facilities which are playing with the lives of patients,” he said.

The CM also deplored that the SSP of the area was hurling threats to Qaiser and his family members for filing FIR against the hospital. “I was expecting strict action from the “independent” police against the delinquent SSP but all was on TV tickers and mere an eyewash,” he deplored and said when he asked them to send report of the action taken against the SSP they sent a letter of day’s date. “Is this efficiency and accountability,” he questioned.

The chief minister said that the report of both the incidents, Master Hassan and Baby Nishwa was not presented to him by the police. “Now I have directed the police to send a detailed report along with the action taken so far,” he informed.

Talking about Article 149 of the constitution for which the provincial government is being threatened, Murad Ali Shah said that there is no mention of `federal government’s interference’ in the article they were quoting. He advised the prime minister to snub such ministers who are misguiding. He said that the article in question is only dealing with guidelines to be issued by the federal government in the matter of law and order and governance. “The province of Sindh is being governed better than any other province while the law and order is also much better,” he said and added therefore they could not issue him guidelines. “Oh yes! The federal government should focus on its performance which is facing worst revenue shortfall in history of the country,” Murad Ali Shah asserted.

In his concluding remarks, the CM said that he would not allow anybody to interfere into affairs of the provincial government.