Polio is a virus that spreads in areas with poor sanitation. It attacks the nervous system and can cause irreversible paralysis with hours of infection. Children under five are the most vulnerable to such viruses. Success in reducing case numbers worldwide has been largely due to intense national and regional immunization campaigns in babies and children.

The latest Global polio Eradication initiatives (GPEI) figure shows that worldwide, there were 33 cases of polio in 2018 and six so far in 2019-16 of them in Pakistan and 23 in Afghanistan. These two countries are the last remaining countries where the disease is endemic. The main reason for the failure is Afghanistan’s conflict and power struggles since they hamper progress. Government of Pakistan has taken a great step for eradicating the paralyzing viral disease and anti-polio drive kicks off in 97 districts in Pakistan.

Therefore, we hope that Pakistan will continue the fight against polio and there will be a day when we will have zero polio cases.


Turbat, March 27.