In their enthusiasm to celebrate Independence Day, people become over-enthusiastic and mishandle the national flag. The flag of a nation carries dignity, honour and sanctity. But it is not an uncommon sight to see flags with photos of various national personalities and leaders imprinted on them. This is sheer violation of the dignity of flag. Even more heinous is having outlandish cartoon characters, like Mickey Mouse, printed on the flags. This is desecration of the highest order. Also, nobody seems to be bothered here about the national flag remaining hoisted after dark. That is just not done. Like the national flag, the national anthem also sometimes gets disrespected in the celebratory mood. What to say about the common people, even the media desecrates the anthem, totally forgetting the fact that playing of national anthem demands special environment, situation and requirements. The national anthem is not for every one to play nor can it be treated just like any other song that can be played for commercial sponsorship. When general public and the media are unmindful of the sanctity of the national flag and national anthem, it becomes the responsibility of the government to enforce respect. -SYED SAYEF HUSSAIN, Karachi, via e-mail, August 15.