The tears had not dried yet on the Bahamniwala tragedy when the sadist maniacs opened our wounds with the atrocities at Korhian Christian village and burning alive of Christians in Gojra city on charge of blasphemy. Immediately thereafter, a factory owner lost his life at the hands of his workers on the same account. These are examples enough to show that the flawed law on blasphemy is being misused and would continue to be misused against the Christian community. How long will the minorities keep suffering like this in Pakistan? It should not be forgotten that the freedom that we have had for the last 62 years is because of the casting vote that Mr S. P Singha, a Christian representative on minority seat, had cast in favour of Pakistan. Shall we assume that it had been a mistake? It has become a norm to divert the focus from facts by either blaming the neighboring country or insinuating about a foreign hand. If any of that is true, why take so long to bring justice to Qari Latif of Bahamniwala and Qari Abdul Rehman of Gojra for being their agents? It is high time the government and representatives of the people reconsidered and repealed the law immediately which has taken so many innocent lives. -COMMANDER (Retd) MATHEW, Islamabad, via e-mail, August 10.