THOSE who believe that differences between the PPP and the MQM over the local bodies issue have been resolved must be reading too much into President Zardari's meeting with an MQM delegation in Karachi. Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira sounded overoptimistic when he told the media that disputes between the two coalition partners were amicably settled through dialogue. The MM's Baber Ghauri did not endorse the observation and refused to comment on his delegation's meeting with the President that lasted for only half an hour. News reports quoted sources as saying that both sides agreed to adopt a "wait and see policy". Mr Zardaris appreciation of the performance of the District Nazim Karachi and his assurance that funds would be released for the development of the City, indicate that the federal government is in no mood to impose any decision on the provinces about the fate of the local government system. Even though the rest of the three provinces have supported the idea of abolishing the Devolution Plan, the PPP does not seem to want to offend the MQM, especially after Altaf Hussain has demanded that the system be kept intact.