BABA ALI, Afghanistan (AFP) - Afghan officials dispatched donkey trains laden with ballot boxes and voting papers into the mountains Monday, taking material for landmark elections to the most remote communities. From Baba Ali village, where the main road through one of the legendary Panjshir valleys peters out by a gushing river and soaring mountains, 12 donkeys began a six-hour trek, an AFP reporter said. The donkeys were loaded with plastic chairs, desks, dozens of white plastic ballot boxes, thousands of ballot papers for Thursdays presidential and provincial council elections for concurrent provincial elections. Most of the donkeys were led by children. Asked what they were carrying on their pack animals, one of the boys, who wore plastic shoes and said he was 12 years old, smiled and said only: For election. Asked what election, he said: For king. Some polling stations are located in areas where we cannot go by car. We have lots of problems with transportation in this area and thats why, as you see, were using donkeys to deliver the material, he added. Officials have said more than 3,000 donkeys will be drafted in to help deliver millions of ballot papers to remote regions of the largely rural country where many communities are inaccessible by road. Helicopters will also be used to deliver ballot papers, tonnes of stationery and other items for the August 20 polls, authorities say. The election materials are being delivered to equip between 6,200 and nearly 7,000 polling stations-a number officials say will only be finalised after security risks are assessed.