KARACHI (Reuters) - Net foreign investment in Pakistan fell 12 percent to $195.6 million in the first month of the 2009/10 fiscal year compared with $222.3 million in the same period last year. Out of total foreign investment, foreign direct investment (FDI) fell 41.6 percent to $200.1 million from $342.5 million in July of last year, data posted on the State Bank of Pakistans website showed. Foreign portfolio investment outflows slowed to $4.5 million in July this year, compared with $120.2 million in the same month last year. Rated deep in junk bond territory, Pakistan was saved from a balance of payments crisis and default last November by a $7.6 billion emergency International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan package. The loan was increased to $11.3b on July 31. Pakistans economy is in virtual recession as gross domestic product growth in the 2008/09 fiscal year of 2 percent was barely enough to keep up with population growth. Pakistans new financial year began on July 1. Security concerns stemming from the militarys battle against a Taliban insurgency in the countrys northwest and chronic power shortages have also put off investors.