The government of Punjab has abolished self-finance scheme and converted 400 self-financed seats into open merit seats. But students admitted in the earlier sessions are still forced to pay huge fees.(of up to Rs. 300,000/year). At present, 1400 students are studying on self-finance basis in all the medical colleges of Punjab. According to the government order No. SO (ME) 8-82/2003, only 25% of their total fee is spent on hospitals. Students are supposed to self-finance their medical education but not supposed to support the hospitals. Where does the rest of the 75% goes? On May 31, 2004, the matter was raised in the Punjab Assembly (Question No.748). The Vice Chancellor KEMC and Minister of Health reported that it costs Rs, 500,000 to produce a doctor in five years. But a student has to pay Rs.1500,000 in five years. That is rather harsh. -ADEEL ARIF, Lahore, August 15.