KRISTEN Stewart goes to extreme measures to avoid the paparazzi - she switches cars in underground car parks. The Twilight star says she hates being followed by photographers when shes out with her friends, so she does whatever she can to escape them. You go into an underground parking garage and get into another car - and then you can leave, she said. Once Im away, Im fine. I can totally go out. Kristen, 19, recently revealed she finds it bizarre that people want to copy what she wears - especially when its items out of her own closet. The things that have been sold out have been the things that people are actually able to get that are semi-cheap, she explained. Those things like sweatshirts and jackets, those things are mine, which is bizarre to have people go out and buy. Kristen is currently in Vancouver, Canada, as she prepares to shoot the third Twilight flick, Eclipse. SS