ISLAMABAD - US President Barack Obama will preside over the Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) moot being held in New York on 24th of next month. This was stated by President Obamas Special Envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke while talking to a group of editors of local dailies, senior journalists and analysts here Monday evening. He said Obama administration was fully focused on helping Pakistan in overcoming the various economic crises the country was facing currently. For the US government, Pakistan is a very important country. Thats why President Obama has decided to preside over the Friends of Democratic Pakistan moot being held in New York on September 24, Holbrooke observed. He said he would himself be attending the forthcoming FoDP meeting scheduled to be held in Istanbul by the end of current moth. When asked as to what was his assessment about Pakistans internal situation, Ambassador Holbrooke said it was a matter of great encouragement (for US) to see democracy flourish in the country. Within a span of one year, there was a million peoples long march for the restoration of judiciary; an all parties conference that resulted in consensus on all major national issues; gradual restoration of peace in Swat and Buner and Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz holding frequent dialogues while running a coalition government in Punjab, are developments by which we feel very much encouraged, he observed though saying that he was 'reluctant to comment on Pakistans internal situation. He observed that despite differences among political parties, Pakistan had gained political stability. We fully support the democratic process and democracy in Pakistan, he added. To another question he replied that President Asif Ali Zardari was a democratically elected president and hopefully would complete his term of office. When asked to predict who was going to win the presidential elections in Afghanistan, Ambassador Holbrooke said, We want free and fair elections, which are being monitored by international observers. Big election rallies are being held, and we wish the election-day is OK. Answering a related question, the US Special Envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan hoped that as the recent offensive by allied forces had greatly damaged the strength of Taliban and Al-Qaeda, there was very little likelihood of their disrupting the electoral process. Whats your position on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline? was another question to which Holbrooke replied, I have been informed that Pakistan is facing a big energy crisis. We have decided to help Pakistan to overcome this crisis. We have met the Finance Minister. Tonight experts on energy would meet at the US Embassy and on Wednesday we are going to announce in Karachi some long-tem and short-term projects to meet Pakistans energy needs. He said US wanted to remove the impression that it was 'using Pakistan only in its war against terror. We would not only help build Pakistans economy but also ask other countries to financially support the country. he vowed. When asked if he could give any time frame for initiation of the proposed energy project, Holbrooke clarified that funds for these projects would be available only after approval by the US Congress. Dismissing the speculation that he had come to Pakistan in connection with Musharrafs purported trial, he categorically denied, I have nothing to do with his trial. Answering another question he denied that India had 'snubbed him when he expressed his desire to visit the country. He explained that the Indian Ambassador in Washington DC had apologised for the impression created by some media reports to the effect. Now he would be visiting India some time next month, he announced.