Sikandar Hayat Jamali was one of the finest civil servants and a model of humility. His competence as a leader in management and governance and his sincerity and simplicity in handling both the daily chores of civil service and the not-so-infrequent crisis situations, were unmatched. In sum, his ability to manage, ride and overcome crises, diffuse tension and find appropriate answers to complex issues was commendable. In him, one saw a continuity of the old values and culture blended with the new, emerging trends. He was the synthesis in the contemporary dialectics of our society. Inspiring for those who came in contact with him, overawing for those who learnt about what he did, he was most endearing to his friends. May God bless his soul in Heaven. Amen. -MUMTAZ ALI KHAN, Islamabad via e-mail, August 10.