ISLAMABAD - Ministry of Youth Affairs is conducting inquiry to probe into the matter of favouritism in removing the names of deserving youngsters from the list of National Youth Awards 2009,TheNation has learnt. According to well-placed sources, on 13th of August, the Minister for Youth Affairs Shahid Hussain Bhutto ordered to investigate the matter of alleged nepotism in selecting candidates for the National Youth Awards -2009. About which most of the officials within the Ministry informed that all the decisions were made by the Primary Selection Committee and the final Selection Committee of National Youth Award and the minister was not taken into confidences while finalising the list of candidates for the awards. The sources further maintained that the minister was informed just one day before conducting the investigating ceremony. Whereas the deprived youngsters have also submitted an in-depth report of their concerns regarding the discrimination on the part of the high-ups of the Ministry for probing into the matter. On 12th of August at the eve of the National Youth Day, the Youth Affairs Ministry awarded National Youth Awards 2009 to 22 youngsters in recognition of their outstanding achievements in 15 different categories. At the occasion three Jinnah Youth Award were also presented to one of organisation and two individuals for their outstanding achievements in the field of youth welfare and development. The officials of the Ministry opined that extreme care was taken for selecting youngster purely on merit and on the laid down eligibility criterion. However, the deprived youths are accusing the Ministry of nepotism in removing the names of chosen candidates from the list of National Youth Award. They demanded of the government for equal representation of provinces as well as immediate action against the officials involved in this act.