LAHORE- A matter about recovery of arsh amount as diyat emanated from a dispute over gaddi nasheeni came before the Supreme Court of Pakistan here Monday. The sad aspect of the episode was an altercation between the step brothers allegedly over the gaddi nasheeni of darbar which led one to shot injure the other and jail conviction to the accused. The Bench headed by Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday took a strong view of such like incidents, which happen out of greed to earn benefit of peeri muridi. The injured step-brother Shah Sawar, who had received bullet in his neck which crossed through his spinal cord had paralysed his whole lower body, was brought before the Court in a chair. He wanted recovery of Rs 2.76lakh diyat money from his rival brother, Muhammad Zulqurnain, who had promised to pay the same 15 months ago before the court and had not paid a penny so far. The petitioner wanted the money for his treatment while other contended that, the court had given him three years time to pay the same. Before the Bench, also comprising Justice Muhammad Sair Ali and Justice Jawwad S Khwaja, he claimed that darbar (at Faisalabad) was not giving him any money so he needed time to toil and earn money to pay diyat. The petitioner pointed out the possession of a piece of land by the respondent and said two marlas of it may given to him instead of money. The respondent who had first estimated value of land at Rs 50 or 60 thousand per marla, on this demand by the petitioner took a somersault and denied the land raising its market value at 4 to 5 lakh per marla. Justice Ramday admonished the respondent for lying when he claimed himself to be a peer. Your should be ashamed of telling a lie, Justice Ramday said and asked him to pay money to the petitioner in equal instalments of Rs 20,000 per month which he would deposit to the Deputy Registrar of the Court on the Ist day of every month starting from next month. The court also said that his failure to pay the money on the fixed date would be deemed to be a disobedience of the court order for which he would be sent to jail forthwith. The court has fixed next date of hearing after three months.