ISLAMABAD - Pakistani authorities and the Special US Envoy, Richard Holbrooke, have discussed the prospects of dialogue with the 'moderate elements in the ranks of Pakistani Taliban in the wake of TTP chief Baitullah Mehsuds death. Pakistan has been urging the United States for quite long now to engage with the moderate Taliban not only in Afghanistan but also on this side of Afghan border, in the countrys tribal areas. The aim of this Pakistani desire is to split the Taliban and de-link the moderates from al Qaeda and the hardliners in the ranks and files of Taliban movement, a diplomatic source said requesting not to be named. The Special US envoy has discussed this idea with the Pakistani leaders during his ongoing visit to Islamabad and after his return to Washington he would take up the issue with the top US authorities, the source said. However, he further said that indications that Islamabad had received so far showed that United States was not averse to the notion of dialogue with the moderate Taliban, adding it could engage with the militants who were willing to lay down arms and shun violence. The initial reaction of Obama administration vis-a-vis talks with moderate elements within the Taliban is positive but the final decision will be made in Washington, the source said. The US envoy also held an important meeting on Monday with Maulana Fazlur Rehman of Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam, who had played a key role in the past dialogues between Pakistani government and the Taliban militants in Waziristan. Holbrookes meeting with Maulana Fazlur Rehman and his scheduled engagement with the Jamaat-i-Islami leaders on Tuesday (today) is a part of broad American strategy to reach out to everyone who has some interest in peace and stability in Pakistani tribal areas and Afghanistan, the source said. A senior official here when contacted said that the Obama administration wanted military offensives against the Taliban who had been strongly supportive to the cause of al Qaeda whether they were in Swat, Waziristan or anywhere else in Pakistan. They (Americans) want stern action against the hardliners within the Taliban but at the same time we feel they will have no problem in talking to the moderate Taliban, he said.