ISLAMABAD - Shah Sharahbeels play Tom, Dick and Harry had a packed audience doing complete justice to the term 'laugh out loud, as that is exactly what every one from the audience was doing- laughing out loud. The play is essentially about Tom Kerwood (Uzair Khan) and his wife Linda (Anam Pirzada) who are trying to adopt a baby. However, their attempts to impress the busy-body social worker are jeopardised by Toms useless brothers, Dick (Ibrahiem Kayani) and Harry (Waqas Sheikh), whose zany antics involve illegal immigrants and the local police, not to mention a dead body. With a mixture of veteran and amateur actors, they all gelled together well. Till the end of the play it was not known that Linda, who, while on stage appeared to be the least comfortable with her character and at times painful to the ears as her voice was rather screechy, was playing two very oxymoronic roles. Juggling one of the Sikh immigrants, Roopa as well as the lovely and sophisticated Linda (whose character she adopted 2 hours before the play began), Anum showed her diversity and versatility as an actor. At times rather risquT, with overly exaggerated gestures and scenes, the audience was nonetheless captivated by the hilarity of the play as well as dance sequences, which were thrown in, breaking the monotony. Whether or not one enjoyed Tom Dick and Harry depended probably on what expected from it and what kind of mood in at the beginning of the evening. If its entertainment you wanted after a tediously long week then its good, otherwise, one did not miss out on much.