The countrywide floods have caused unprecedented devastation and destruction. The scale of this catastrophe, it is being said, is bigger than even the Asian Tsunami. Even more destruction is expected in the aftermath of floods because of a number of factors that are currently in play in the ravaged towns and hamlets. Disease, lack of clean drinking water, decaying rubble and debris, submerged crops, crippled infrastructure all would be scourges of a post-floods scenario. The damage to infrastructure, bridges, roads, schools, colleges, hospitals, government and private offices and commercial properties is mind-boggling. It will take quite an effort just to assess the value of material loss. The federal and provincial governments and all the major humanitarian agencies are grappling to cope with the rescue, evacuation and relief measures required. The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank would also take their time to estimate the losses and funds required to re-build it all but rough estimates suggest that it might require about Rs. 350 billion to rebuild and rehabilitate. Prime Minister Gilani and opposition leader Nawaz Sharif have shown a sense of commitment by declaring they would make a joint and concerted effort to spend funds on relief and rehabilitation in a totally transparent manner. The international community, particularly the developed world has a moral and legal obligation to help Pakistan because the unprecedented rains above the Himalayas, Karakorum and Hindukush ranges that have caused this catastrophe were an ill effect of the greenhouse gas emissions that are increasingly encompassing the planet. And these emissions have been caused due to their indifference and apathy towards other human beings on earth. We need to remind the world that it is the excessive industrial activity of countries like Canada, USA, Russia, China, India, European Union and Japan that little countries like Pakistan are suffering these flood disasters. They should own up their duty to mitigate the woes of flood-stricken people of Pakistan. They must contribute, indeed bear the expense, of repairs and reconstruction by providing financial assistance on an ongoing basis. S. M. JUNAID, Islamabad, Aug 15.