At a time when all hopes have diminished, only a national government can rekindle them. The party in government right now has failed to provide responsible, courageous and capable leadership that delivers the country out of present maze of crises, solving problems of the people and leading the country towards progress. Time for gerrymandering Lets look around and bring some people from the opposition in government. The only condition should be that they are capable and worthy of trust so that they can lead the nation out this dug hole. To begin with, why not test Imran Khan whose slogan of Insaf (justice) for all is a ray of hope? The situation is tailor-made for his role because the independent judiciary that he wants is there and active, leading from the front. The people have also pinned their hopes on it. There is only one little problem; the present executive i.e. government in Islamabad, is not implementing the popular decisions being made by judiciary even though these judgments are in greater national interest and strictly according to law of the land. Imran has all the required qualities of leadership. Since he longs to do something for Pakistan, why not give him a chance to come forward. With him can come the duo of Nawaz Sharif & Shahbaz Sharif and the clutch of patriotic Pakistani politicians of their party who have a proven track record of doing good for Pakistan. Imran Khan is a man of determination and proven administrative abilities. Independent judiciary, independent media and merit based non-discriminatory education are a part of his vision. Some people compare him with Air Marshal (Rtd) Asghar Khan who was considered a straight-forward leader just like him. Asghar Khan failed because the mainstream politicians of his time all happened to be stooges of America and they combined with the western lobbies to never let him come on the forefront. Imran Khan, though, has passed a number of tests in his rise to the present status. He took the initiative and built from scratch a dream hospital, the biggest facility in Asia for cancer research. He also built a college in Mianwali in 2008. Imran has an ardent following of political supporters among women and youth of the country. -RAFIA EHSAN, Rawalpindi, Aug 15.