Mr T. S. Bokhari, in his letter that appeared in The Nation with the title Will you dam it or, has unsuccessfully tried to distort history for the sake of controversial Kalabagh dam. He writes This reminds me of the floods of early 70s in (erstwhile) East Pakistan, which was where the majority of our country lived. The 70s floods are generally believed to have given birth to the idea of Six-Points of Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman. I advise my friend to read the text of his history again. Contrary to the claim he has made in his letter, Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rahman presented the Six Pints after becoming President of Awami League in 1966 and not in the 70s after the floods as per Mr Bokhari. Further, the seeds of Six-Point programme were sowed in the 'language disturbance of 1951 and later 1965 Indo-Pak war which created a lot of problems in East Pakistan. For example; the banks in East Pakistan were unable to give change of Rs 100/- currency bills during the war when direct links between two wings of the country were cut-off and the head office of State Bank of Pakistan, based in Karachi, was unable to replenish money supply. Further, out of these Six-Points, not a single point was related to the floods in East Pakistan. In fact, it was declaration of Urdu as 'the national language of Pakistan in place of Bangla that compelled Bengali leaders to launch the 'language struggle of 1951. The declaration of Six-Points was a logical culmination of that as well as the 1965 War. Mr Bokhari seems determined, come hell or high water, that criteria for making all decisions shall be population because he knows with out that nothing would become of KBD. After all, three out of four provincial assemblies of the federation have already passed 10 resolutions against building the controversial KBD. If Mr Bokharis argument that all decision making be made by the majority population is accepted as the sole principle for all decisions, Punjab should make all decisions in Pakistan (right or wrong), India should make all decisions in South Asia and China should decide everything in the world today. -MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, August 16.