The Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA) of Islamabad Police has busted three gangs involved in car snatching, car lifting, dacoities and recovered seven vehicles, stolen items worth Rs 10 million from their possession. The police recovered looted items worth millions of rupees, six mobile phones, 21 pistols, Kalashnikovs, two cars, one hand grenade, 200 bottles of wine, eight kilogram hashish, seven kilogram heroin from nabbed persons and they also confessed snatching 16 vehicles at gun point from various areas of twin cities. Another milestone achieved by Islamabad police. They have been performing very well over the past twelve odd months and they are trying their best to achieve a healthy and safe environment in the capital city. The media should also give spotlight to police officials who work day and night to achieve successful results. KHURRAM SALEEM, Islamabad, August 16.