One of the editorials in English press has rightly mentioned that the Dera Allahyar blast on the Independence Day was a reminder of the ongoing problems in Balochistan and of the sins committed by the state against the Baloch people. (August 16) Electronic media in general and print in particular have the credit of highlighting the Baloch peoples woes, articles of nationalist leaders like Sanaullah Baloch are given open space, which are most of the time critical against the security agencies, including the military institution. However there is a need to accommodate other sides view in order to generate healthy debate on the issue for the sake of public awareness. Renowned western journalist Declan Walshs recent report in Guardian has generated yet another debate, in which he proved with facts the Indian hand behind the insurgency in Balochistan. It gives enough proof to answer most of the questions raised by Sanaullah Baloch, who the other day wrote about Habib Jalibs abduction and killing, as well as about the missing persons and put the blame on the law enforcement agencies. He said 2,390 persons were missing since 2008, whereas the facts gathered independently are contrary. The state agencies presented a report to a government-formed fact-finding commission in 2010, and disclosed that only 392 cases of missing persons were found, out of which 134 persons have been traced, while 96 persons were found as no-case of enforced disappearance, and 24 persons mentioned as missing in the list, did not have complete details of the cases. Most of the persons who are allegedly missing have been found affiliated with militant organizations or are present in Ferari Camps of Kohlu, Dera Bugti and other parts of the province. Sanaullah Baloch does not miss in any of his writings mention of the issue of missing persons or mutilated bodies, along with the involvement of agencies in Habib Jalibs murder, but he does misses mentioning the widely published police investigation report which concluded that Jalib Baloch was regarded by the LEAs as well as ISI as their valuable asset, he was known as a man of peace, his contribution towards gaining support for reconciling between the 'separatists and government was acclaimed nationwide. So there could be no question or reason of their involvement in his murder. It was revealed in the published report that Jalibs wife Rehana Bibi had reportedly a hand in her husbands murder. Fact remains that the individuals involved in his murder were his own servants who were arrested and are in Hudda district jail. As regards the mutilated bodies, this too at all is not believable because those involved in it do it and put the blame on agencies. There has to be willingness on part of the democratic government, civil administration and politicians to resolve the issues, and there has to be mechanism chalked out for the security agencies to get the things done within due course of law. F Z KHAN, Islamabad, August 16.