The Americans were 'unsafe when Pakistan had peaceful security environment before 9/11, but the Americans are 'safest when Pakistan has almost every other day a repeat of 9/11. One remembers when the Afghan war was in full gear, every other day the US embassy in Islamabad or White House spokesman in Washington used to issue 'the travel advisory for Americans dont visit Pakistan, restrict your movement to the embassy or consulates, leave Pakistan immediately, etc. But since the US invasion of Afghanistan, there had hardly been issued such a travel advisory despite thousands of incidents of terror have occurred so far with almost averagely one incident being occurred daily. Why is it so when hatred for Americans is at its peak both in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Why it is so when Americans drones are killing innocent Pakistanis and America is the declared enemy of Taliban and al-Qaeda? One also wonders why at a time when the Taliban-al-Qaedas No. 1 enemy, America, is all out to get them killed by use of its front-line allied country, Pakistan, and by all other 'means, not only the American staff in the US embassy is risen to thousands but also the US diplomats and citizens have a license to frequently visit 'dangerous public places take the Raymond Davis case as an example. Mushroom American franchises are being opened across the country without a fear or threat of being attacked by terrorists. So much so when you visit those places, the security measures do not seem to be enough. Americas Mobilink has in the last many years earned and transferred billions of dollars; McDonald and KFC are running businesses in the market centers of vulnerable urban areas of Pakistan but no one amongst the Taliban or al-Qaeda has ever tried to target them. Why? The answer came through the four TTP 'terrorists who got killed when they staged an ambush against a Pakistan army convoy in Matta and the biggest surprise was not that their beards were fake under the turbaned black veils, but the KFC mighty zinger burgers and Coca Cola tins. Taliban? The army of illiterate, ignorant barbarians? And such a soft taste? We are in fact grossly mistaken by calling them Taliban, a name given by the Americans. Something is certainly mysterious about them. It is our great dilemma if we are not aware of the 'friends in disguise. ESCHMALL SARDAR, Peshawar, August 16.