India has revealed its true face, and shown why it is busy violating the Indus Waters Treaty, by pouring more than 70,000 cusecs of water into River Sutlaj, thus flooding dozens of villages in the Ganda Singhwala area of Kasur district, and crops over many hectares of land. With the building of more and more dams on the IWT waters in occupied Kashmir, India will gain the power of releasing devastating floods into Pakistan, which apart from ruining millions throughout the length and breadth of Pakistan, would also make the rest starve because the countrys agricultural production would be ruined. This use of water as a weapon is Indian state terrorism at its worst, and should serve as warning to opponents of the Kalabagh dam and of all other water development projects in Pakistan of what the real Indian intentions are. India has now found an ally in the USA, which also wants to break Pakistans spirit and make it totally dependent on it. It would like to use this opportunity to see Indian capability develop, treaty or no treaty, to the point where Pakistans desire to feed its hungry millions would merge with its governments desire to curry favour with the USA. This would also fit in with the Indian desire to make Pakistan a failed state. Thus, while Indias water terrorism is much more of an existential threat to Pakistan than anything that could be done by extremists, the USA and its followers in the world community will not accept this threat exists for Pakistan. That scores of villages will be flooded, even before the victims of last years floods have been rehabilitated, apparently counts for nothing, and the federal government will continue with its overt subservience to the USA, which is no friend, and to India, which is even less so. The only real solution of the two countries water problem, is for a just solution to the Kashmir issue, because it is only because of Indias continued illegal occupation of it that it can be a water terrorist.