DAMASCUS (AFP) - Security forces on Wednesday killed at least four people and made sweeping arrests, activists said, as Western and Arab countries sought a special UN session on Syria's crackdown on dissent. The central committee of the ruling Baath party, in power since 1963, meanwhile, met for the first time since protests against President Bashar al-Assad's regime erupted in mid-March, pro-government daily Al-Watan said. The Tunisian government has recalled its ambassador in Syria for "consultations", a foreign ministry source said Wednesday. "Given the dangerous situation in Syria, the Tunisian government has decided to recall its ambassador in Damascus for consultations," the official TAP news agency quoted a ministry source as saying. However the ambassador, Mohamed Laouiti, when contacted by AFP, said he had "received nothing official on the subject". A key demand of the opposition movement has been the removal of Article 8 of the constitution which stipulates that the Baath party is the sole "leader of state and society." But in defiance of growing international condemnation, hundreds of Syrian security services raided homes in the Mediterranean port city of Latakia on Wednesday, activists said. The Britain-based-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said more than 700 members of the security services took part in operations in the city's southern district of Ramel, arresting people on lists. In Homs, a sniper shot dead a civilian in its Armenian neighbourhood, while security forces conducting raids in the city of central Syria shot dead two men and wounded three others, the Observatory said. Switzerland on Wednesday widened its sanctions against the Assad regime, adding 12 individuals to a list of key players under financial embargo and travel restriction. But the head of Russia's arms export agency said Moscow was continuing to supply weapons to its traditional ally Damascus.