Although very late, to initiate a dialogue with the political forces and nationalist leadership in Balochistan is the right step in the right direction. The federal government has authorised the provincial government to take necessary measures to bring the situation to normal. President Zardari chaired Tuesday a meeting focusing on law and order in the province and reviewing the pace of work on development projects. It seems that the authorities have realised that the sooner the dialogue process starts with angry nationalist leaders and mainstream parties, the best for the federation. Target killings, missing persons and a sense of deprivation are some of the ills that require urgent attention. Another important factor is to take stock of the role of security agencies and paramilitary forces assigned to restore peace. COAS General Kayani has categorically stated that the armed forces or its security agencies have no role in both killings and disappearances. The onus is on federal government to trace troublemakers in the province keeping in view Interior Ministers in-camera revelations made in the Parliament.