The mobile companies are doing thriving business and earning profits in the billions. According to an estimate, they have over 114.61 million subscribers across the country. These companies have thousands of booster towers, with communication equipment, installed in densely populated areas, which are kept in working condition with the help of heavy generators during loadsheddings.

Unfortunately, at many places they have installed generator sets without silencer, which is a constant source of noise pollution and agony and anguish for the already suffering people during long hours of electricity loadshedding.

The quarters concerned are requested to take cognisance of the matter and reduce the misery of people by installing silencers on those generator sets.

Moreover, these huge towers are always vulnerable to high winds and may collapse. Their existence in such highly populated areas is a constant threat to the life and property of the people.

The mobile phone tower radiation has a profoundly negative effect on our biological system and can cause damage to cell tissue and DNA. Hence, strong regulations are required for their installation to guard safety of the public.


Haripur, August16.