WAZIRABAD - PML-Likeminded Chairman Hamid Nasir Chattha said that the PPP was trying to divert its direction of confrontation from the judiciary to the parliament, adding that Pakistan’s foreign policy is a puzzling.

“Self sufficiency in food saved Pakistan. Energy crisis is hitting productive capability. Restoration of Nato supply was need of America and not of the parliament,” Chattha said while addressing “Istehkam-e-Pakistan Seminar” held under the auspices of the party at Wazirabad. “The PPP does not want to leave the power and wants to become oppressed to hoodwink the people just for votes.”

The restoration of Nato supply had created a havoc in the country prior to restoration, he added. Pakistan is self-sufficient in food which kept the country secured otherwise it may go in much worse situation than that of Somalia, he said and added that electric and gas crises have put negative effect on productive capability of Pakistan. 

He said that electricity and gas are very important for the economy of a country.  “Volume of circular debt is over Rs500 billion which will create problems for the next government which will take 2-3 years in recovery,” he said. Investment in unsafe schemes means further worsening the national economy, he added.  “Printing currency notes in abundance without justification has not only devalued rupee but also the people are facing acute price hike of commodities,” he said. “The government has put everything at stake for its interests. Only an economically free country can make clear and independent foreign policy.” He added that uncertain situation is always harmful for any country. Extortion has become an industry where human life is very cheap and the culture of kidnapping for ransom is spreading to Punjab and the government is silent spectator, he observed.

Asif Mehmood Klair and Muhammad Khalid Mughal also addressed on the occasion while local president of the party Muhammad Yousuf, Hameed Akhtar Chadda, Raja Ishtiaqullah Khan, Tahir Rafiq Minhas, Mian Muhammad Yaqoob, Mrs Parveen Sheikh, Muhammad Rafiq Bhutta, Akbar Bashir and Salahuddin Akbar were also present.