MILA Kunis hates having her image scrutinised as she ‘doesn’t need to feel worse about herself’.

The Hollywood star is admired for her exotic looks and stunning natural beauty. Despite always looking super groomed, Mila admits to having off days.

The actress says being analysed so closely is awful at times. ‘I don’t need to feel worse about myself than I do to begin with. That doesn’t matter to me,’ she revealed. ‘I do feel I have to be more aware of the attention and at least try to live up to a certain image though. But overall, if I’m happy and comfortable, I don’t need somebody else to tell me that I’m not.’

Mila may enjoy donning impressive red carpet ensembles for big events, but she loves nothing more than relaxed fashion on her days off.

The29-year-old star has revealed her favourite wardrobe item when she’s off-duty.

‘My sweatpants. I love them so much - have them in three colours! I go home and put them straight on, and I love them,’ she told British magazine more! They are hideous but so comfortable.’ Mila doesn’t take herself too seriously, and is famed for her fun sense of humour, which she thinks adds to her attractiveness. However, the brunette beauty doesn’t think her appeal is that obvious.

‘I appreciate the attention, but I don’t think of myself as particularly attractive. I don’t have that naturally sexual way of behaving that some women have,’ she said. ‘I do have a pretty sharp sense of humour though and I think that has helped.’                             – MSN