A year ago, this road gave a picturesque look with a beautiful green belt going all through it right up to Kasur. Some of the plants and trees had acquired a height of five to six feet. It was expected that in a few years this was going to be the most beautiful drive in the country with all sorts of beautiful and tall tress decorating the finely carpeted road. And then all of a sudden one saw the cruel process of uprooting the plants, digging out the finely laid green belt and conversion of the beautifully carpeted road into virtual ruins. It was learnt that the Punjab government had decided to put in place some multibillion rupees bus transport system on a road where ordinary, but reliable bus service could have brought tremendous relief to the people, besides earning the government appreciation, credibility and a handsome number of happy voters.

Today, this project is nothing but misery for the travellers on this road.

Commuters have to make their way on rubble, broken road, mud, gravel with a risk of serious accidents because of several feet deep dug – up segments on the sides and right in the middle of the road. The Chief Minister should look into the matter. He can at least appoint traffic police all along this road to regulate and control the flow of traffic.

Right now, besides immense inconvenience, this current situation is causing enormous stress to workers, students, teachers, doctors, and others because they are delayed for their work by the hours.


Lahore, August17.