QUETTA - National Party President Dr Malik Baloch has condemned an attack on the media and abduction of Razaq Sarbazi’s brother, who is Vsh anchor.

“The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had always browbeaten the Baloch, though they worked and died for it”, he told the media at the Quetta Press Club on Friday. Malik said he wanted to express solidarity with Vsh TV anchorperson Razaq Sarbazi whose brother Jalil Sarbazi was kidnapped. “I’m sure Jalil Sarbazi was picked by the state agencies to intimidate the Baloch media,” he alleged.

Commenting on the Balochistan situation, Malik said the entire Baloch society was subject to fear due to the oppressive policies of the state. He lashed out at the PPP government, saying that it had failed to maintain peace in the province. He urged the government to ensure recovery of National Party’s missing members, including Nasarullah Langov and Mukhtiar Chalgari.

He alleged that all the coercive tactics of government aimed at the hampering of political process in Balochistan. He said uncertainty and insecurity had been resulting in brain drain in Balochistan from where people had been shifting to safer places. He made an appeal to the protesting doctors to return to their duties as their strike had been adding to patients’ woes. “The punishment of inefficiency of government should not be inflicted upon the poor masses.”