KARACHI - Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is planning to acquire two Boeing 777 aircraft on dry lease strictly following PPRA Rules. All the relevant rules of PPRA have been observed from advertisement of the tender to the evaluation and all related processes.

The contentions of the Transparency International Pakistan are not justified that could be due to their lack of understanding about the technicalities of the induction of aircraft.  TIP earlier blamed PIA for specifying brand names for the Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The same was very much in line with the PPRA Rules as the same types of aircraft are already being operated by PIA in its fleet. Induction of the same type of aircraft results in huge savings in terms of cabin and cockpit crew, maintenance engineers and spare parts commonality.

Now again TIP is accusing PIA for not specifying engine brands and may acquire B777 aircraft with Pratt and Whitney instead of GE Engines. Such strange logic of TIP on specifying brand names is beyond understanding. PIA did not specify the brand name of the engines and would be acquiring aircraft with lowest cost to PIA.

These aircraft are being leased for the efficient maintenance of the operating schedule and for its Haj operation commencing from mid September.

Presently the aging fleet of PIA is consisting of 38 aircraft out of which at least seven (07) remain grounded for the scheduled maintenance besides the out of service aircraft due to technical reasons and bird hits (which is beyond the control of PIA). The airline requires additional aircraft on urgent basis to serve its valued passengers specially Hajis.

Compliance of PPRA rules is essential to maintain transparency, therefore, procedure for leasing of aircraft are kept strictly in line to the specified rules at each step of the tendering process.