OKARA - PML-N district President Muhammad Munir said price hike, loadshedding and unemployment have made lives of the people miserable while the rulers were absorbed in their luxurious life and have no concern with the people’s woes.

“The PPP is doing everything to conceal corruption of Asif Ali Zardari. On the behest of President Zardari, the judiciary is being humiliated. Corruption has shaken the foundations of democracy. The corrupt rulers have made the country a hub of crises,” he said.

He also urged the people to play their role to save the country from corruption. He claimed that the popularity of the PML-N was increasing due to principled politics of Sharif brothers who, what he said, were able to steer the country out of crises.

Munir said the present rulers have snatched bread from mouth of the masses. Due to prices and unemployment, industries have been closed down leaving hundreds of thousands of workers jobless. Separately, PPP district leader Amir Hayat Wattoo said the people were fed up with the politics of Sharif brothers, adding that Punjab was in the grip crime like dacoity, highway robbery and killing.  He said that there was no governance in Punjab while the Punjab chief minister was doing politics on loadshedding.

 If they cannot control crime they should part with powers, he added. The people who are dreaming of departure of the PPP-led government live in fools’ paradise.  On the other side, he said that under the leadership of President Zardari, the government had strengthened democracy. The people will never pardon the people who are trying to put hurdles in the way of democracy.