ISLAMABAD - The prices of Eid related accessories have been increased in the markets of twin cities during the last week before Eidul Fitr, depending on the demand and supply of the products.

Every year on the festivity of Eid, the suppliers are aware of the needs of people and sell every thing on double rates while the prices witness more increase on Chaand Raat. “Due to price hike, it seems difficult to get every thing but still people go for affordable or even the expansive things as the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr comes once in a year and people celebrate it in a festive mood,” said Ahmed, a shop owner at a local market.

Despite loadshedding, inflation and rising temperature, Eid shoppers seem high in spirit to buy accessories related to Eid and visiting various markets and shopping malls of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

During the last week of Ramadan, those preparing their families and themselves for Eid, start shopping various items related to Eid including apparels, children garments, fashion accessories, footwear, cosmetics and other products. Mostly women seem busy to get every thing for their family to celebrate Eid in befitting manner while children look more excited to celebrate the festivity in a colourful way.

Besides the demand of dresses, jewellry and other accessories, the stalls of bangles and henna serve as the major attraction for females while on Chand Raat, these stall holders also increase the prices of their products and services.

Mostly the shoppers throng markets in late hours that create rush at the shops while the traffic police launch special plans to ensure smooth flow of traffic in markets.

The rush of people encourage the overchargers as Eid accessories’ sellers expect large number of customers to boost their sale, said Myra, a housewife while shopping at a local market.