LAHORE – PTI will not accept the caretaker set up formed without its consent, while holding early polls will be in the best interest of the country, says PTI vice chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

He said this while addressing a press conference at his residence on Friday. On this occasion, several former nazims, ticket-holders of PML-Q, PML-N and PPP from Gujrat district announced joining the PTI.

The effort regarding the new joining from Gujrat was made by Chaudhary Mubashar Hussain, who is the cousin of top leaders of PML-Q. Chaudhary Mubashar who met with Imran Khan sometime back also formally joined the PTI on this occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Qureshi remarked that confusion exist between the PPP and its legal team regarding writing a letter to the Swiss authorities.

He warned that PTI would not let the two parties to strike a deal over the caretaker set up and it would not accept a temporary government formed without taking PTI onboard.

“The PPP has divided into several splinters, which would surface near the elections, while the early polls are the only solution to the problems facing the country”, Qureshi added.

Commenting over the role of military establishment, the PTI vice chairman maintained that military leadership was playing responsible role and the government should also fulfill its responsibilities.

Talking about the PTI position in the South Punjab, he maintained that his party was leading the political race in the South Punjab, while other parties were only playing political gimmicks.