A SWISS company has designed a pair of socks designed to be worn for walking without shoes.

The Swiss Protection socks are designed to replace shoes altogether and make the user feel barefooted. They even have spaces for each of your toes - in the same way fingers fit in a glove.

Designed by the Swiss Barefoot Company, the ultra durable footwear is reinforced by PVC soles which helps make them cut-resistant. The Swiss company believes the socks are ideal for people who like to go barefoot and could be used for outdoor activities such as rock climbing.

Dieter Hesch, owner of The Swiss Barefoot Company, said: “It took many years of technical research and designing to create what we have now. I’m very happy with it and I even think the Swiss Protection Sock could become fashionable.

“We’re also working on a new sock design which we think people will be able to run marathons in.” The socks come in long and short sizes and are available for about £45.                              –WO