The present government has decided not to build the Kalanbagh Dam. Some party leaders have also state vehemently that it will be built on ‘their dead bodies’. But the question is: are these leader’s true patriots? The country’s economy has gone down the drain due to the shortage of electricity.

 There have been rallies, demonstrations, strikes and destruction in major cities, yet it does not move them at all! All they are worried about is that the city of Nowshera would go under water in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sukkar in Sindh province. The politicians, who are against the dam’s construction, don’t allow any debate on the issue because nothing would happen if the dam is constructed. Unfortunately, it seems that they are bent upon destabilising the country by destroying its economy. Such is the vision of our leaders!

Meanwhile, the people being ill-informed have not raised their voice against those who are out to harm the country. The media has been influenced in order to downplay the importance of the issue with the result that a national concern has been put on the backburner. The government says that it is planning to construct smaller dams. However, the process is slow and these dams will take years to complete.

It is important to make the people aware about the consequences in case the dam is not built. If the experts give the clearance for its construction, then the dam must be built in the interest of the country and people. Our parliamentarians, who are being paid hefty salaries, should work out a solution under the direction of the government to resolve this issue quickly.


Attock, August 14.