ISLAMABAD– Working women and girls students from the areas of G-6 and G-7 have expressed grave concern over growing incidents of eve teasing and immoral activities of the motorcyclists on 7th avenue overhead bridge.

This is only overhead bridge which is the safe passage for pedestrians for crossing 7th avenue but it has been made impassable by the youths of loose morality who continue to occupy this bridge the whole day long and whenever we try to cross it they start flinging  vulgar remarks on us, said a group of girls students.

“Our offices are located in G-7 sector and we have to move there by crossing this over head bridge but the youths riding on motorcyclists start chasing us even on the bridge which is only meant for pedestrians, said a group of working ladies.

“In these circumstances when our honor is put at stake and we can be disgraced at any time by these depraved young motorcyclists we will be forced to abandon our educational activities, said Seema, a college student.

Residents of the areas demanded crackdown against the youths found indulged in immoral activities on 7th avenue overhead bridge otherwise they will be forced to block 7th avenue.