During the last regime of PPP the electronic media brought out many scandals which involved billions of rupees. I wonder if it was to divert public attention from main issues or real ones. We would like to know about the fate of those scandals and those who were directly and indirectly involved in those cases otherwise we would take it that the present government is also a party to some of those scandals and are scared that their involvement will be exposed.

Does the present government have even one ‘Mr Clean’ who can carry out the accountability of corrupt people? Some cases in point are NICL scandal(Moonis Elahi) , Hajj scandal(Mr Kazmi ) Euphedrine ( Musa Gilani), OGRA scam (Tauqir Sadiq), Riaz Malik Vs Arsalan case and host of other cases. The public at large is very keen to know the outcome of these cases or have they been brushed under the carpet.


Lahore, August 15.