Ch. Nisar Ali the Interior Minister has come up with an all-encompassing, comprehensive and elaborate security plan to rid the country of the terrorists once and for all. In that apart from many other potent and practical measures a Joint Intelligence Centre working 24 hours round the clock will be established and a 500 strong Rapid Response Force shall be created.

Soon the Army will brief the Parliamentarians about the terrorists and their activities who will then discuss the matter threadbare in an APC and come up with a concrete plan within two weeks to eliminate the menace. In his address to the media he emphasised that it was a gigantic task and not alone of his self or that of his party only but of all the segments of the society and nation who will have to play their role in combating the situation.

This seems to be a logical and rational approach and I wish him and his government luck in bringing peace and stability to the country. My only concern, however, is that would the courts also dispense justice speedily without fear or favour when a terrorist is brought before them? It was felt previously that many an accused terrorist was let off, ostensibly for the lack of evidence against him or the prosecution having failed to prove the offence but actually due to the threats to the life of the judge and kidnapping of his children by the terrorists. A very few daring judges who did convict the terrorists left the country due to the same fear after pronouncing the judgment. Mumtaz Qadri the murderer of Governor Taseer, though condemned to death has not only yet to be taken to the gallows after more than two years now but has already become a hero in the eyes of all the people about 2000 lawyers including a former Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court!! I sincerely hope and wish that Ch. Nisar and the honourable members of the APC do have a solution to deal with this ironic state of affairs and enable the judiciary to dispense justice without fear to their and families’ lives?

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

Rawalpindi, August 16.