This has reference to Dr. Khola Irum's letter ‘Transforming the Police’, published on August 13 in a section of press. Muammad Amin, a retired IGP, has endorsed Dr. Khola's views on police organisation, training and equipment. We keep hearing political rhetoric of changing ‘thana’ culture and the backward and criminal police station culture. Dr. Khola Iram has identified crucial areas needing immediate attention of Police high ups and our political bosses for police reforms if they really want to see a change in Pakistan and fighting crime.

My association with police training at the national level for a couple of years provided me the opportunity to observe "couldn't care less" attitude of the police leadership and bureaucrats towards police training.

I think reforms in police training domain should start with the selection of professional police officers with an aptitude for training and development, for police training institutions. Presently, bureaucrats sitting in the Secretariat select police trainers. This system should be changed completely and role of selection of police trainers should be given to the National Training Management Board, comprising all Police Chiefs.

The National Police Academy has become another Civil Services Academy, passing out ‘Chocolate Police Officers’. Present age police officers equipped with communication and advocacy skills are good for NGOs.

I am for separate competitive examination for the Police Service of Pakistan where selection process should be similar to selection of Army Officers. Interior Division staffed with bureaucrat has failed to deliver and to protect life of citizens. There is also a need for independent Police Division, headed by a Police Officer to manage police service of Pakistan.


Islamabad, August 14.