It seems ignominious that, instead of playing their part, which is legally and morally binding, they simply throw in the towel disgracefully, growling a curt and grim response that they can do nothing! The pessimistic response came from the Secretary General of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), Iyad Ameen Abdullah, while he was addressing an event titled “Contemporary Challengers of the Muslim World: Role and Vision of OIC” wherein he barefacedly admitted his impotence and that of the Arab world, stating that the so-called Arab countries could do nothing as far as the Gaza carnage is concerned.

The secretary general assured Pakistan, through his rosy promises and big claims that OIC has played role to resolve the Kashmir dispute by a strategic way, and that OIC is mainly focusing on the development in the discipline of science, technology and economy. What stupidity to think of boosting economy or developing science and technology, when our children and women are being slaughtered and massacred. How on earth can we have any expectations, form Arabs when they don’t even turn a hair at their own Arab nation in Gaza being crucified? It would have been better if the OIC secretary general had kept silent, instead of talking rubbish and adding fuel to the fire.


Islamabad, August 9.