ISLAMABAD - Dr Tahirul Qadri on the second day of his Inqlab March announced again that he was not going back without bringing a revolution that required the resignation of PM and CM Punjab as the first step and also elaborated that how was the country going to be run after his planned revolution.
Posing himself successful in his Long March Dr Tahirul Qadri announced in front of his loyalists that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had left capital and was residing at his residence in Raiwand Lahore and from there he would rule the country for the remaining moments in power.
Addressing the gathering, Dr Qadri criticised the prime minister for residing in Raiwand at a time when the political temperature of the capital had gone too high. He said the clock was ticking at a rapid pace bringing the deadline given by him closer and closer. Dr Qadri , however, did not mention that who was going to act on his demands or on whom he was counting on in bringing his revolution.
He said prevailing governance system in the country was corrupt and it could not be changed without a revolution. The PAT chief said, "When traders and executive connive with each other that is called petty corruption but when the government connive with them that paves the way for grand corruption and only a revolution can change that corrupt system".
"The so-called prevailing democratic system in the country cannot address the issues faced by the common man in Pakistan," Qadri said. The change in the current administrative system can bring the real change and it is inevitable to bring revolution against this unconstitutional system, he further said.
“The politicians are trying to save their system that allows them for doing corruption and they are calling it a democratic system,” he said.
“All three sections of society, businessmen, bureaucrats and politicians have formed a grand corruption alliance in the country and no one can have justice under the current system and it is a must to introduce structural changes that need revolution," Qadri stressed on his point.
Qadri came forward on the stage and said, "If there is a Gulu Butt who wants to shoot him, he is ready to take the bullet". He, while conducting such courageous act, also opened his coat buttons and kept standing ahead of his companions on the stage for some time. Qadri said, “Pakistan can earn at least Rs 4,000 billion annually and there will be no need for foreign loans to run the country".
Elaborating the system that he suggested to be adopted only after his visualised revolution, he said, “Only 25 per cent increase in tax collection will add an additional Rs 500 billion in the government's income that can be spent on the welfare of people”.
Mentioning the expected income from the natural reserves in Balochistan, he said that more than Rs 200 billion annually could be generated through these resources.
Qadri said Pakistan was blessed with so many natural resources but it was so sad that corrupt governments and the rulers, just to maintain their luxurious lifestyle, had kept away the access of these resources from the people of Pakistan.
He did not announce him as future prime minister but said, "After the revolutionary agenda is implemented, we will ruthlessly hold accountable the corrupt people and will bring prosperity in the lives of people".
Qadri also aimed to bring the looted amount of US $ 200 billion back to the country that was lying in the Swiss banks at the moment. He said the income resources that were required to run a strong state were available to Pakistan.
During his revolution speech, Qadri also condemned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for his ‘intentions’ of not launching an operation against Taliban and praised Pakistan Army that was conducting operation against terrorists and had saved the country.
He alleged Shahbaz Sharif of supporting terrorists in Punjab to win the elections. Qadri also quoted Khawaja Saad Rafique in his speech and said, "Till tomorrow Khawaja Saad Rafique was saying that why to talk with Qadri , he has only 5,000 people so why now he is saying that they want to talk to Dr Qadri ". He said he would not talk to him or anyone till the implementation of his agenda. “Saad can come to the rally and try to talk to these people directly who are sitting in front of me,” he said.