Jamaatud Dawa and Jamaat-e-Islami took out rallies here as a protest against Israeli’s anti-Muslim atrocities in Afghanistan and the criminal silence of the world community especially the Muslim rulers over the issue.

Addressing the workers at Markazul Badr at Shikarpuri Gate Bahawalpur, JuD central leader Prof Abdul Rehman Makki said that the protest was being held to express solidarity with the Palestinian people against the Israeli attacks. In every city of the country, the solidarity rallies were held in support of the Palestinians, he said.

“Muslim World needs to defend the oppressed Palestinians with courage and strengthen hands of the Hamas,” he said. “Israel can only be stopped by adopting the way of sacrifices and Jehad.”

Hafiz Abdul Rehman quoted a Hadith saying, “Muslims are like a body and if one organ hurts the whole body feels pain”. However, he said, the Jews had broken the limits of cruelty in Afghanistan. After watching the pictures of dead children, every Muslim is crying the tears of blood but the Muslim leaders are quite and not moved an inch even after watching such bloodbath, he regretted.

He said that the US, the United Nations, and other non-Muslim countries were supporting the Jews. The United Nations was established to stop oppression throughout the world but in Palestine, Israel has been attacking them but no one is raising voice against the brutality. It seems that Israel has been given the license to kill the Muslims, he said.

In Muzaffargarh, the Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) organised a protest against the ‘genocide’ of Palestinians by Israel. More than 200 activists of JuD took out a rally from Jhang Morr to Chowk Khatchery under the leadership of Ulema Council Chairman Maulana Dr Aqeelur Rehman Peerzada, General Secretary Rana Muhammad Afzal and Maulana Toheedi. The protesters burnt Israeli flag to express their anger against the worst barbarity. The JuD also arranged protests in major cities of Muzaffargarh district including Khangarh, Shar-e-Sultan, Alipur Jatoi, Shahjamal, Sanawan, Qasba Gujrat, Kot Addu and Rangpur. The JuD also took out a Palestine Unity Caravan in Muzaffargarh to express solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian Muslims. The participants were carrying placards and banners inscribed with anti-Israel slogans. On the occasion, the speakers said the UO, Nato, IMF and World Bank were protecting  interests of Jews and Christians, and the Muslim countries should make their own union on the pattern of European Union and Muslim financial institutions to protect their interests. They requested all the politicians to set aside their differences and get united on one-point agenda for saving the innocent Muslims of Gaza from Israeli aggression.

In Hafizabad, the activists Jamaat-e-Islami and Jamaatud Dawa condemned the criminal silence over the excesses being committed by Zionist forces on Palestinians and called upon the rulers of Islamic countries to call a decisive meeting of OIC to bring all Muslims state at one platform to give befitting reply to the Zionists who were continuously committing barbarity on the suppressed Muslims of Palestine.

The JI Hafizabad chapter observed Youm-e-Palestine and staged protest demonstrations against the Israeli aggression against hapless Muslims in Palestine. The rally was led by JU District Ameer Dr Muhammad Yaseen Ansari and Naib Ameer Amanullah Chattha. They made fervent appeal to the rulers of Pakistan in general and rulers of other Muslim countries to wake up and relieve the innocent Palestinian from the subjugation of cruel Zionists.

Activists of JuD also took out a rally separately which was led by District Ameer Abu Hanzala Sani which started from Jinnah Chowk Gujranwala Road and terminated at Vanike Chowk where the speakers expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian Muslims and strongly condemned the Zionist forces.