In two separate incidents, a woman was raped while a child was abused.

Shahnaz Mai, a resident of Moza Mangwani near Bahawalpur, said that she was asleep in her house along with her mother and children while his other family members had gone to Cholistan to meet their relatives.

Meanwhile, she alleged, accused Javed, Attaullah, Zahid, Arshad, Bakht Ali, Imran, Ejaz and their accomplices abducted her on gunpoint and took her to Moosa Colony, Bahawalpur at the residence of Attaullah where they raped her. Abbasnagar Police raided the house, recovered Shahnaz Mai and arrested Javed and Attaullah.

In Jaffri Town, Naseer Hussain’s 7-year-old son Rehman Naseer was abducted by one Kala who took him to a field where he tried abuse him while Naseer started screaming. Hearing him screaming, people of the area gathered and the accused fled away. Saddar police registered a case on the complaint of Naseer Hussain.

Corrupt zoo staff fined, imprisoned:  Assistant Commissioner Imrana Ajmal has imposed a fine of Rs50,000 and sent three persons behind bars for overcharging in Bahawalpur Zoo.

After repeated complaints regarding overcharging on tickets, the assistant commissioner visited the zoo and purchased a ticket through her representative which was sold to him at Rs15 rather than Rs6. She then called the police and arrested three persons named Ali Raza, Rana Shakeel and Muhammad Ali who were involved in overcharging.

Assistant Commissioner sentenced the persons with the fine of Rs50,000 and 10 days of imprisonment in jail under the Price Control Act. In case of non-payment of the fine, they would have to face a month in prison in addition.