The inmates of Darul Amaan Muzaffargarh have complained that its “corrupt and dishonest” staff forced them to develop illicit relations with them otherwise they harass the inmates.

“No woman is safe at Darul Aman. It is as insecure for them as any other place,” said the inmates. They alleged that there were a troika which was running the business of Darul-Amaan, and disclosed that Accountant Fayyaz Ahmed is the main character carrying out the irregularities in the Darul Aman affairs. The accountant and clerks force the inmates to develop sexual ties with them otherwise they start harassing them, they said.

“Former Muzaffargarh district coordination officer Tahir Khursheed had transferred the corrupt staff following public complaints and ordered an inquiry against them. However, as soon as the DCO was transferred, not only the inquiry was stopped by the well wishers of corrupt mafia but also they were again posted at the same posts,” they said.

They further alleged that the staff gets Rs20,000 to Rs30,000 for a meeting of a woman with her paramour. A case was also registered against the clerk for sexually assaulting an inmate but he was neither suspended nor transferred, they said.

Local lawyers have also expressed concern over the ‘inadequate’ security arrangements at the institute and demanded that the Punjab government should immediately deploy armed guards for the protection of the inmates.

They said no outsider was allowed to meet the inmates of the Darul Aman without having a court permit, but the incident of a woman’s escape disclosed their negligence.

The women escaped from Darul Aman Muzaffargarh on Friday noon with the connivance of the staff. Sumera Bibi had been sent to Darul-Aman on the order of Civil Judge M Ayyub.

A female warden Javairia received her and informed Superintendent Abida Rehman about her arrival. However, the same day, she managed to flee from the Darul-Aman.